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[Category : - OTHER- Automotive Accessories - Cleaning devices]
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There are 3 innovations in 1 patent.

The Chemical Applicator for delivering a concentrate fluid via an applicator to a plastic bottle, any spray bottle or fluid container. Refill a chemical solution at home or place of business. The refill applicator is a retail store friendly product, and an online friendly product. The concentrate delivery method is lightweight, low volume, and is very easy to use. Designed with a one hand operation through the entire process. It is easy to recycle with significant cost savings for manufacturers and consumers.rnrnThe Refill Device.
The Refill Device fits inside the neck of any bottle container. It’s very inexpensive to manufacture, as with all of my IP. It allows a concentrate fluid delivery to pass through the device from a refill applicator or refill bottle that has a pre-mixed fluid, like SC Johnson’s Glass Windex and cleaners. It allows a dip tube, which connects to a spray head or a pump head, to stay inside the bottle at all times. Now the consumer simply disconnects the spray head only. It provides a seal to the spray head and can integrate with any of the inventions in my patent portfolio as do all the inventions. The refill device allows the consumer to place a refill applicator, with one hand, onto to a stem in the refill device, this self cuts the membrane sealing the concentrate fluid inside the applicator. The consumer depresses a vent switch, and can then take their hand away while the fluid is delivered, cleanly with zero mess in seconds. Simply refill with water via the faucet via the refill device or attachable funnel. Replace the spray head or pump head to the container and begin use.
The Accordion Spray Bottle / Detergent container is refillable spray or container bottle for sprays and laundry detergents. This is a part plastic injection molded bottle, that integrates with a silicon accordion bladder or sleeve. It works with any of the devices mentioned in this submission and allows for many multiple uses. The bottle reduces in size. It can be pre-loaded with a concentrate fluid or filled with fluid in total for purchase. It reduces in size from 12” to 4”.
.The Applicator apparatus can include a circumferential wall and a support arm movably mounted relative to the circumferential wall. The support arm can include a protrusion extending in an axial direction within an interior passage of the circumferential wall. Methods of assembling the apparatus are provided in further embodiments. Methods of introducing an additive are provided in further embodiments. In further embodiments, a mouth fill device can include a circumferential shroud. In some embodiments, a plurality of apertures can be disposed in a circumferential lip circumscribing an end of the circumferential shroud. In further embodiments, a protrusion can be mounted relative to the circumferential shroud. In further embodiments, a collapsible container or a collapsed container can include a first shell, a second shell, and a circumferential bladder that can have a higher axial collapsibility than both the first shell and the second shell.

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