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In all parts of the world, shoes are a commodity that ranges from relatively expensive to
very expensive, sports shoes being a particularly prominent case. This makes
the public naturally seeks to wear a shoe for more than one purpose, which is not always
it is possible, especially if you want to use a specialized shoe for a sport,
for another sport; or a city shoe, relatively robust as are those of
school and high school uniforms, for sports.
Sports activity is not the only variable, but the adherence of each floor
Specific is varied and this makes the specialization of footwear. Rarely is the
same footwear for the same sport but on different surfaces. Of the same
Thus, the same shoes are rarely used for different sports, even if they are
on the same surface.
This is especially true for soccer in its natural grass court uses or
synthetic, parquet (wood) or cement, or even a synthetic polymer. The
The same happens, among others, with tennis: there are shoes for grass, for brick dust
(sometimes called "clay"), and for "hard court" (nowadays usually covered with

Description of the invention
There are two uses that, due to their frequency, are more important than the others, and that
constitute an unmet need, being the same:
1) Convert a "champión" type shoe into a shoe suitable for soccer, either
in natural or synthetic grass field.
2) Convert a city shoe into a shoe suitable for sports, which has its
time the not inconsiderable advantage of protecting said shoe, which is often
part of the uniform of children or youth in their schools and lyceums.
The fact of waterproofing shoes is a natural consequence of a lining
synthetic, which although it already exists (galochas), does not exist with the combination of
waterproofing and sporting use, the latter being the reason for our being
invention, and the former a useful but not particularly intended consequence.
Over-shoes (and over boots) are well known, and were - and are - widely used in
countries with snow. In all cases, the over-shoe is something relatively massive,
uncomfortable, hindering movement, and always requiring
fit: gags, laces, straps, buckles, etc.
The present invention is the reverse of practicality, fit, weight, cost, grip
to the floor, speed to apply it on the shoe (and to remove it): we could say that it is
an elastic "glove" with lower and upper surface of different roughness, of
such a way to fulfill different functions.
The elasticity of the material makes the application almost instantaneous and without the need for
any kind of adjustment mechanism. Its weight and size are minimal, so that
easily fit in a pocket.
It must be emphasized that this over-shoe does not have a definite shape of its own,
unlike all the others where that does happen, especially in terms of the
sole. The device takes the entire shape of the shoe underneath,
exactly as a rubber glove would with respect to the hand.
The lower surface is composed of small projections that cover the entirety of
the surface that will come into contact with the ground, and that are not like the "plugs" of
a soccer shoe or a golf shoe, but are not intended to "stick in"
on the ground but to increase the grip on it by increasing the
friction. So much so that our invention can be used equally in grass as in
hard floor, coated or not.
The upper surface is covered with a series of irregularities that cover
optionally the entire instep or only the part that goes over the inner portion
of the foot, these protrusions being arranged in any drawing, but
especially in waves or segregated (sometimes called "diamond point"), to
increase the friction of the foot with the ball and thus better produce the desired "spin".
There may also be two or more different types of bumps or surfaces
irregular, for example one optimized for football on the inside of the
instep and other types of irregularity or roughness on the upper part of it,
for example for rugby and american football.
Note that we are not talking rigidly about sole or upper or toe box or
no other specific part of our invention, since it adapts
perfectly to the shoe underneath, to the point that one could not speak of parts
sides, or even "sole", since it would then have a specific limit,
which is not the case. We can hardly speak of "upper surface" and "surface
Being the structure of the invention as we describe, its manufacture is as simple as
that of a rubber glove, and its cost not much higher. Since its friction with the floor
is so high, it can occur, depending on the weight of the user, their movements or
sport to be performed, and of the floor, that is not of great duration. It would not be a
inconvenient given its very small cost.
In short: all that has been said boils down to a device that would be better described as
over-shoe cover, consisting of a single piece of polymer
elastic, which is applied on the shoe by the simple method of stretching it, without
need for fasteners, which can strictly cover the shoe or be
slightly higher, which is strongly adherent to both the shoe as high is its
friction with almost any floor, with one, two, three or more different types of
irregularities, one or more on the bottom surface in order to increase "grip"
and another or others in the upper part, where the foot would come into contact with the ball.

Financial information

We offer the complete sale of the patent or the possibility of association or handling royalties.
We have the ability to do the assembly of the production line to the purchaser of the patent.
The invention has been very well received in the market and the units we have made have been sold immediately due to their price and usefulness.
The world potential market is of millions of people since only professionally more than 280 million people play soccer and at an amateur level many millions more. In countries like Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and most European countries in addition to the USA, every day millions of people play soccer on synthetic pitches and the vast majority do so with their normal sports shoes. All of them are potential customers of our invention.
We created the PROSHOES brand, through which we market our product locally, but we seek to market it globally.
The profitability of the product is quite high, since its manufacture is fast and cheap and its sale price is very accessible and profitable

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