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[Category : - ELECTRONICS]
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**(provisional patent application has been filed)

A novel Operational-Amplifier (Op-Amp) based low output offset voltage charge amplifier has been introduced mainly for using along with PiezoElectric (PE) sensors as an Preamplifier in the quasi-static applications. The new introduced amplifier has several advantages including:
1- In the quasi static applications it no longer requires extremely large resistor in the range of Giga-Ohm.
2- It has -12deb/Octave cut-off rate below the low-cutoff frequency.
3- It yields low output offset voltage without using femtoampere input bias current electrometer Op-Amp.
4- The cost of charge amplifier implementation for quasi-static application is reduced significantly.
5- The noise performance of the new charge amplifier is similar to the noise performance of conventional Charge Amplifier.

The provisional patent application of the new proposed circuit has been filed in the US Patent and Trademark Office ( USPTO ) and a research paper about it has been published in “IEEE Sensors Journal” (link of the paper : Link).

In the following picture an “In-Line Charge Amplifier” for using along with Pizoelectric sensors which is assembled by using the novel proposed circuit has been shown. The specifications of this prototype has been also presented in the Table.

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