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New Pharmaceutical Composition

[Category : - HEALTH]
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My invention concerns the use of an association between melatonin, chlorexidine and essential oils in the treatment of inflammations of the mouth and its outbuildings such as Herpes spp.
These issues involve millions of people. The preparation has proven effective in solving and counteracting inflammatory status quickly.
The preparation has proven effective in solving and counteracting inflammatory status quickly.
Melatonin activity is supported by numerous scientific studies and publications that can be read in PubMed
The difference compared to other preparations lies precisely in the speed of action combined with compliance. The commercial product is known as Melos gel.
Melos gel contains 10 anti-inflammatory and antioxidant substances and allows rapid epithelizing activity.

Financial information

The product is already marketed in Italy under the trademark of Melos gel and is sold for 14.90 euros.
Actually, there is a small commercial network and a number of Italian pharmacies that have recently purchased about 6000 pieces.
There is a space for improvement in sales performance.
This original and innovative product can be an excellent medium and long-term investment source for a company with its own network of agents.
A company with a network of 50 informants (pharma reps) on the Italian territory can sell on average from 3000 to 5000 units per month. That means an average of 60/100/pcs/agent.
This means an average turnover of between 44,000 and 74000 since the price to the public is 14.90 euros.
I intend to give an exclusive license to a company really interested in the brand growth project or the direct sale of the brand.
Currently, estimated sales are around 1000 pieces per month.
I accept commercial offers starting at least 500000 euros for the direct sale of the patent.
I also accept a royalty on direct and indirect sales to be agreed in separate location, but still never less than 20% of the value of the product, considered as a "price to the public".
The asking price refers to the the full exploitation of all patent rights with international development opportunities.

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