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High-pressure, Large-diameter Flexible Composite Pipe

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Flexible Composite Pipe (FCP), also known as Reinforced thermoplastic pipe (RTP), has been widely used in Oil & Gas, Water and Mining industries in North America. It is superior to metal pipes in many dimensions: light-weighted, low-cost, pressure resistance and corrosion resistance. rnrnGiven existing production techniques, FCP products are capped at 6” (150mm) inner diameter, 180°F (80°C) temperature and 150bar (2,175psi) operating pressure. rnrnThis patent introduces a single new manufacturing method and equipment which is capable of producing two types of FCP. Type I product is on par with current FCP in size (2”-6”/50mm-150mm) and temperature (194°F/90°C), while enduring much higher pressure (up to 500bar/7,250psi). Type II product is much more flexible in size (3.5”-63”/90mm-1,600mm) with on par temperature (194°F/90°C) and medium-low pressure (8bar-50bar/116psi-725psi). For both types, manufacturing costs are 10%-50% lower than those of existing technology.rnrnWith this invention, pipeline companies will gain competitive advantage with better product variety and lower costs. End users, such as oil & gas pipeline projects, will have the option to replace large diameter metal pipelines with FCP to achieve better efficiency and lower costs.

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The invention has been patented separately in China, Australia and EU. It has been licensed to a mining company and a water company in China. It is also under licencing negotiation with an energy company in Australia.
For this patent in the US, we are open to both outright sale and licensing.

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