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Two side cutting board with support base

[Category : - DESIGN PATENTS]
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Two side cutting board with a support base:

The cutting side used for chopping, dicing, slicing food prep.
Has two catch basins to catch any juices, crumbs, etc from prepping
of the food products.
Other side has beauty and design.
Offers Two grip bars or handles on one end of the two side cutting board with support base.

Helps to Solve:
The issue of any juices, crumbs,etc from landing on the counter or the food product is not sitting in the juices, crumbs,etc while prepping the food.

The front side, will have a print of some kind, like, flowers, birds, to
name a few, or anything to meet a person's fancy.
Benefit - this will add to beautify the kitchen area with design, color and decoration.

Also included is the support base, this is a special feature, that will hold the cutting board in place, when not in use.
Benefit - preventing the cutting board leaning against the wall or such when not using.

The two grips bars or handle on one end is good.
Benefits - a person will be able to carry the cutting board with both grip bars or be able to use one of the grip bars when moving or sliding the cutting board on or away from counter.

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