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Toilet bowl and cover assembly

[Category : - DESIGN PATENTS- Bathroom]
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To my fellow future investors,
Welcome to the integrated description of my new patent. This report will be discussing three parts which include the design, functionality and future expectation of my patent. First of all, Let’s give a look on how this patent performs. By slightly making a change of appearance based on any regular toilet without rebuilding the inner flushing system, this should significantly reduce the bacterial growth area that we are making contact with everyday. Especially under this pandemic situation, people begin to realize and act seriously to avoid germs spreading as first priority. This patent definitely would present consumers a more sanitary and convenience way of using the toilet. If we take this patent to public restrooms where the usage of toilets is essential, the influence would be greater I assume. For this patent, I expect it’s going to be an eye-catching product when most people are considering or seeking a healthier way of living. This design should do the excellent job to minimize the Bacterial infections and best choice of toilet across markets.

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