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[Category : - Appliances and houseware- Furnitures]
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How to put on a Duvet Cover, still a famous headache for a lot of people round the planet.
Bag Clips having anchoring means are used for anchoring the head corners of the duvet to the bed frame, while the cover and the comforter are spread over the bed towards the feet.
A corner of the comforter is fitted into a head corner of the cover, and clamped with a Bed Clip.
The bed clip is anchored to the bed frame, which is equipped with corresponding anchoring means.
Equally, the other head corner of the duvet is clamped and anchored to the bed frame, close to the head of the bed.
A third corner of the comforter is fitted into a feet corner of the cover, and pulled towards the feet of the bed.
Equally, the fourth corner is fitted and pulled towards the feet of the bed.
If necessary, the whole duvet can be shaken at the feet in order to spread both, comforter and the cover, evenly.
It saves most of the physical and mental stress. Bag clips are cheap, easy to use, and already known worldwide. This novel way of using them holds the duvet so strongly that a whole wooden bed can be moved by pulling at the duvet.
Previous art failed because they are bulky, or cannot hold the duvet strongly enough (peg-style clips), or are difficult to use.
These Bed Clips are useful also with sheets+blanket+bedspread, by clamping together the corners of the three of them.
Second Product:
A towel hanger using this kind of clips can hold a towel in a safe way, in Hospitals and professional Kitchens. The towel does not need to have any lace; it is easier than having to look for the lace and point it to the hook. A specially easy model of clip is provided.
Depending on the length of the clip, the towel will hang more spread than with the usual hook, getting a faster dry-out.

Financial information

Not licensed yet, open to any offer. Warning: it is 3 weeks to 30 months, 7 weeks to 31 (Europe).
The bed clips could be marketed as Consumer Goods, mainly in adhesive versions, or as Furniture Accessory of specific models of beds offered by bed manufacturers .
The towel hanger may be marketed as Consumer Goods, or as a Safe model of towel hanger in Hospitals or proffessional Kitchens.

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