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Z-Paper Battery

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A new device for generating and storing electricity has been developed, which can easily be mistaken for a simple sheet of plain metallized black and white paper. It is the Z-Paper.
Z–Paper is a nanotechnological power generator, ultra-thin, lightweight and flexible that can be used to create the devices of tomorrow. For example, to create implantable medical equipment or compact batteries for electric vehicles.
Along with ability to function at temperatures from + 150°C to -70°C, the Z–Paper device is fully integrated and can be printed as plain text - on paper.
A key feature of Z–Paper is the use of environmentally friendly materials as reagents for generating and boosting electrical power.
The analogy of this device with paper is not accidental, since more than 90% of it consists of paper or recycled cellulose fibers (the main component of paper).
Z–Paper is designed to work as a generator, battery and as a supercapacitor too. Z-Paper devices are capable of providing long-term continuous operation comparable to a conventional battery and, if necessary, the fast discharge characteristic of an electric capacitor.

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