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Door stay- Adoorabear

[Category : - Baby products]
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This invention is directed to a door stay and particularly to a stay that can be attached to a door to prevent the door from being latched or locked and also accidentally closed. The device is typically attached to the door handle and can form the appearance of toy animals. The device finds particular use in children's bedrooms where there is an advantage in having the door slightly ajar but not able to accidentally latch closed.

When putting children to sleep in a bedroom, many mothers wish to have the bedroom door slightly ajar to enable them to hear any unusual sounds. Also, children often find sleeping easier if they can also hear some noise. It is found that keeping the door slightly open provides a good balance between a reduction of noise and like in the child's bedroom while still allowing the mother to hear any unusual sounds.

A simple way is to simply leave the door slightly open. However, it is found that gusts of wind can cause the door to suddenly slam closed. This can cause distress to the baby and requires the door to be repeatedly re-opened.

Financial information

Looking for an outright sale of both Australian and US Patents:
- Australian Patent : AU2004200846; expires on 03/03/2024
- US Patent : US7766400B2 ; expires on 03/03/2025
- Australian Trademark : AU996112; expires 01/04/2024
- Australian Trademark : AU1437216;

Australian Patent @ $60,000 USD
USA Patent @ $100,000 USD
Australian Trademark ADOORABEAR @ 5,000 USD
Australian Trademark ADOORDECOR @ 5,000 USD

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