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Electrochemical energy storage unit

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The unit has flat cells (2) e.g. lithium ions or lithium-polymer-cells, having arresters and a sheathing with front sides and laminar sides (3), where the cells are arranged pile-like one above the other. The laminar sides are arranged parallel to each other, and the arresters partially protrude from the front sides. One of the arresters is electrically interconnected with the other arrester via a connecting element (6). A frame (7) is arranged between the laminar sides of the adjacent flat cells and connected with the connecting element, where the frame and rivets are made of plastic.

Description and scenario of usage:
For efficient cooling of Li-Ion cells in pouch design (stacked flat cells with aluminum foils), homogeneous cooling with small temperature differences must be guaranteed.

Solved problem with the invention:
So far, a large number of cooling elements (cooling plates connected to cells as well as one or more cooling plates) were necessary for the cooling of pouch cells, which makes assembly more difficult and increases costs. By integrating the "cooling" function into the electrical arresters, the number of parts can be reduced and assembly considerably simplified. A plastic frame is connected to the pouch cell as a support and assembly aid. At the same time, the electrical arrester is joined by the material (e.g. ultrasonic welding process) with the connecting element as the electrical conductor between the cells and then with a cooling element via an electrically insulating but thermally conductive heat conducting foil. This allows a thermally very efficient connection of the Li-Ion pouch cell with the cooling element.

Advantages und USP with the invention:
By using the electrical arresters for the simultaneous cooling function in the Li-Ion cell ("arrester cooling"), the number of parts can be reduced and assembly considerably simplified, resulting in a cost and weight advantage.

Financial information

The patent family comprises the European granted patent EP2026387B1 where DE and FR are validated jurisdictions. Thereby a comparable small market size is covered.
All patent family members were granted without any restrictions. There were no oppositions against any of the family members. All fees are paid. The patent family was cited 14 times in total. 2027-08-08 the patent family will expire as long as all fees are paid.
By integrating the "cooling" function into the electrical arresters, the number of parts can be reduced and assembly considerably simplified. This has enormous effects on weight, cost and production time.
A compelling customer need and purchase criteria for electric vehicles is a sufficient range in daily operation. Due to the strongly decreasing performance of Li-Ion cells at high temperatures without sufficient cooling, this range decreases significantly. Furthermore, the Li-Ion cells age over-proportionately at high temperatures, i.e. the life span and capacity decrease. This circumstance has to be avoided in view of the already expensive and thus price-driving cells. In practice, the power (or charging process) is significantly reduced to protect the cells in the event of overtemperatures. This disadvantage can be compensated by efficient Li-ion cooling in battery-powered electric vehicles.
The invention perfectly meets the current trend of electric vehicle power supply and increasing battery efficiency at low cost. The patent family described was created as part of Behr GmbH & Co KG ‘s R&D work. Behr is a big German car supplier. The patents listed here originate from the field of Li-Ion cells, their low-cost, weight-optimized, modular design, cooling, connection/assembly. The area of thermal management and energy storage was one of the core projects there. This invention addresses key functions such as electrical contacting, thermal contacting and cooling at module level via uniformly defined module interfaces results in significant advantages in the very fast and simple exchangeability.
The acquisition of Behr by Mahle (another big car supplier) also resulted in the abandonment of Behr's original strategy of investing in battery cell production (pouch cells, see arrester patents) and in battery production as a whole. The patent family described here fall within this period of Behr's original strategy.
Some of the patents from this area were transferred to one of the inventors involved (Prof. Dr. Herrmann) and are now for sale or licensing. For all the inventions described, prototypes or pre-series products were available that demonstrated the technical and economic feasibility.
The sale of the patent portfolio takes place against a bid – a detailed value calculation of each patent family member is available and may be provided on request.
There is no minimum bid even though the patent family was valued to a big sized 5 digit USD value.

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