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Chiropractic Adjustment/Therapy Table

[Category : - OTHER- HEALTH]
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Chiropractic adjusting table.
Facet release table.
The article of manufacture is a therapy table. The table has a head rest, arm rests and two cushions that are shaped similar to the human body. The head rest and arm rests are adjustable to fit a person either lying in a supine or prone position. The head rest and arm rests can also be adjusted to fit patients of different sizes. The table is designed so that its bed can go from a flat position to a dynamic convex position. An electronic linear actuator moves a lift cam which pushes on the center section of the table moving the table into a convex position which becomes rigid due to support from the curved surface of lift cam. This motion distracts the facet joints minimally which allows for a much easier and much more general repositioning of the vertebrae. The height of the table is adjustable.

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