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[Category : - Swimming]
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A shoe includes one or more nozzles mounted to the shoe, each of the one or more nozzles including one or more inlets to take in fluid traveling in an intake direction during a kicking motion of a wearer, a bend to change a flow direction of the fluid from the intake direction to an output direction, and one or more outlets to expel fluid in the output direction.
This shoe is revolutionary in that unlike a typical swim fin, it can easily be walking in. In addition, a lifeguard could wear them all day and get to rescue victims faster thus possibly saving lives.
Another benefit is that without the cumbersome appendage of a typical swim fin, the nozzle shoe is less likely to prove damaging to the fragile coral in the ocean.
In addition, unlike a typical swim fin which only provides propulsion on the downward stroke of the wearers foot, the nozzle shoe provides propulsion to the swimmer through both the downward and upward stroke. The equilateral distribution of the force across both sides of the body provides the wearer with smoother dive without excessive undo yaw.

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