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Medicine Bottle Timer Lid

[Category : - HEALTH]
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The medicine bottle lid has a stable timer in it. When it is time to take the medicine, an alarm sounds. When the lid is removed the timer is set back to zero. When the lid is placed back on the bottle the timer begins counting again.

Patent Description
A medicine bottle timer lid. The medicine bottle timer lid includes a housing removably securable to a medicine bottle having a display operably connected to a timer. The housing further includes a battery and a sensor disposed therein. The sensor is configured to detect the position of the housing with respect to the medicine bottle. The timer is configured to begin counting when the housing is secured to the medicine bottle, and the display shows the amount of time that has elapsed since the housing was secured to the medicine bottle. The timer is further configured to reset upon removal of the housing from the medicine bottle. The medicine bottle timer lid allows individuals to automatically keep track of their medication.

Financial information

We are at a point in our life where we are open to an outright sale, a license with royalties or another form of partnership.

Our invention is currently being sold by another company but, it appeared about the time our provisional patent appeared on We have been unable to ascertain if they infringed or not.

The market is boomers that take medicine and anyone else that takes medicines and occasionally forgets.

I have no specific conditions for this sale.

There is no website or trademark registered for this invention.

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