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Hygienic toothbrush maintenance system

[Category : - OTHER- Beauty, clothes & personal articles- HEALTH]
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A hygienic toothbrush maintenance system helps maintain a toothbrush in a hygienic state through use of at least one detachable head that can be interchanged, and ultraviolet light that immerses bristles to kill bacteria. A pair of tensioned wires on the detachable head slides in and out of a head end of the toothbrush to enable secure and easy detachable attachment of the detachable head from the toothbrush. A release switch enables detachment of the detachable head from the toothbrush, and is operable with one hand so as to minimize contact with the toothbrush. A docking platform retains the toothbrush in an upright position and stores the removed detachable heads. An ultraviolet portion includes a telescopically extendable stand and a hood that emits ultraviolet light. The hood pivots to substantially cover the detachable heads, while they are attached to the toothbrush, and while stored in a head reception portion.

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