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UV Slide on Handle

[Category : - DESIGN PATENTS]
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On Christmas day 2020, the Hague Global Database search posted my DM/211296 my 47 country World Intellectual Property registration which if my design goes unacquired, I will finance select international patents in the world's most abundant markets and secure lucrative distribution.. Covid 19 presented innumerable challenges for infection control budgets and my innovation is an open ended round TPU rubber adaptor connected to a PETG handle with 4 254 nm light bulbs that can essentially sheathe any round handle covering a doorknob with a 10 second installation uv doorknob. Uv light is a clinically proven antibacterial. technology, no one can deny and that scientists worldwide employ against Corona Virus. 2 years ago this might have proved beneficial for airport restrooms or house parties yet now every bathroom on earth in every hospital, every school, every industrial facility, every military base, every university, every train station, every airport can await a resurgence of Covid19 and ensure the protection of the most common contaminator. Another product Phone Soap uses one 254 nm bulb, I use four x100mm at 254nm. More effective. Invaluably the product is compatible with over 3 billion preexisting doorknobs so hypothetically in a business model what if an investor took women shoes sizes 3-10 and cornered the market in monopoly - he'd have a smaller business then the UV Slide On Doorknob. Ubiquity means all an American investor would need is to witness a Federal Emergency Management mandate that every facility needs this as a standby installation for outbreak before the patent became as universal as a smoke detector. If the World Health Agency mandated this is, again its a 47! Country world intellectual property project that originated with me..

Financial information

This is offered to a would be owner of the registerd WIPO d211296 Design Intellectual property which is renewable in 47 countries through European Union, African Union (ARIPO) and USPTO for 25 years thru WIPO

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