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Video blind spot detection system for vehicles

[Category : - Automotive Accessories - Audio - Video- Security and alarms]
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A video system including a camera engaged with a rotary drive is mounted rearwardly on a vehicle. The camera provides a rectilinear video image. A drive controller includes two switches to control camera rotation to stop at a point in either direction from a neutral field of view aligned with the vehicle to either of a view including vehicle “blind spots” or a view including a directly lateral image. The video images are displayed on a monitor in the vehicle.

Auto Rear Vision Blind Spot Elimination

(PAT# 10,421,401 is for sale) that eliminates all auto rear vision ‘blind spots’ using a rotating camera. It can view left or right one mile down the road even when a vehicle is blocked between two parked cars; all without backing up one inch! An added bonus - the need for side door mirrors is completely eliminated while increasing left and right viewing area by 600%. The rear vision camera can be programmed to pivot in any of five different directions via its robotic swivel servo control. Sell the patent to the original car makers or market it as a simple to install kit in the automotive aftermarket. All information and a full video of the invention in operation is at the website - Link

Financial information

Patent 10421401 is for sale with all rights. There are no partners or assigns to the patent. The price will be the best offer over $100,000.
The marketing feature of this product is to sell or license it to the
actual car manufacturers to be included as original equipment or
to sell it in the automotive aftermarket as a simple to install kit either
by auto service stations or as a simple, easy consumer DIY kit.

The market size is gigantic simply because the current back up
cameras and cross-traffic 'beeping' detection systems have some
little to reduce blind spot deaths and accidents (as reported by the
U.S. National Highway Traffic And Safety Administration)

When the videos are viewed at the web site Link of
the invention in action, the wealth potential of this invention will be obvious.

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