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====Right: reserved in Italy, with high support from Industry 4.0, also to foreign operators; LICENCE (1M People): advance (100 k€), royalty (8% on revenue)

Device (1) for the conversion of mechanical energy into electrical power and vice versa, comprising: - first means for converting a rectilinear flow of a fluid into the rotary motion of a rotor system (2), and vice versa, - second means for converting the mechanical energy of said rotor system (2) into electrical energy and vice versa; wherein said rotor system (2) is adapted to integrate in one single element the functions of said first and second means and including: - a first outer cylinder (3), comprising permanent magnets, capable of transforming the mechanical energy of said rotor system (2) into electrical energy and vice versa; - a second intermediate cylinder adapted to convert said rectilinear flow of a fluid into the rotary movement of said rotor system and vice versa; - a third internal cylinder (5) adapted to perform the axis function (6) of the rotor system (2). The second intermediate cylinder is structured with helically wound ducts.

Financial information

Use in any ATECO / NACE main codes: Health&Heart, Wind&Energy, Hydro&Energy, Oil&Gas, Navy&Transport, Air&Fly, Drones&Services, Compressor&Scroll, Compressor&Screw, Fans&Axial, Food&Plant, Automotive&Pumps, Pumps&Food, Pharma&Plant, Extracorporeal&Circulation, ...

============> IP available on each country: PCT (193), Paris Conv. (173)
===Obj: License and first refusal on priority rights in the national phase
===Market (fifth part on 10y): 80 M€ per 1 million inhabitants
===Brand: Guaranteed registered trademark in Italy, ®GUPC (General Utilities Performance Contract)

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