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This utility model relates in general to an electric power generator but more particularly to a hydroelectric power generator. Electricity is one of the highest demand all over the world in this present times. We use it everyday for us to do a certain job. But because of continuous rising of population, the demand of electricity also rise. There are several power plants that produce electricity for the consumers. One of this is the hydroelectric power plant. This plant is basically a generator which has a shaft connected to a turbine that rotates due to force of the water flow. Conventional hydroelectric power plant commonly requires huge amount of water to produce large amount of electricity to be distributed to the consumers. This problem can be solved by this innovation that requires less amount of water to produce large amount of electricity. The advantage of this innovation between conventional hydroelectric power plant is that it requires less amount of water. It can convert low to high wattage of power. Existing hydroelectric power plant can be upgraded to this innovation to lessen the required amount of water. Water coming from falls or dams can be guided through a pipe going downward to the place where the plant will be built.

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