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Voltage converter

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DCDC converter with highest possible eficiency.
Suitable for battery voltage boost for DC link in EV or for different energy sources combination.

The converter has a throttle (210) and one of media (206, 208) arranged on a first branch (216) between a converter input (202) and a branching point (218) such that the throttle is present between the medium and the point. One of switching devices (212, 214) e.g. MOSFETs, is present on second branch (220) between the point and a ground connection (204). Another switching device and another medium are arranged on a third branch (222) between the point and the ground connection. A control device closes the former switching device and opens the latter switching device in a switching phase. The medium is selected from a group consisting of capacitor, battery cell, fuel cell or solar cell.

Financial information

European Patent 244 80 99 for sale.
Not yet sold before.
Valid in DE, FR, GB, IRL, CZ, SK until 2030.
Same patents with later priority use Honda US20140361617, Toyo Denki US 9 876 427 and SEW Eurodrive US 9 041 251.

Great investment into state of art technology, which use corporates.
Possibility of exclusive use in Europe.

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