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[Category : - MECHANICAL ENGINEERING- OTHER- Toys and games]
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The invention is a 4x4 hoverkart kart powered by two standard hoverboards. This ultra light kart is drived using a steering wheel, and two pedals : accelerator a brake.

You can see a video at : Link
You can find a presentation with pictures and details at : Link

This kart inspired by the hoverkart is easy to transport, has 4x4 capability (can even be used on sand beach), and has a double power and autonomy compared to a hoverkart powered by a unique hoverboard.

The kart is cheap to produce, and is fun for children and adult.

Financial information

I am open to outright sale or license with royalties.

This invention has a kart design and driving style which may interest both children and adults. Its estimated public price should be between 150 and 200 dollars. This makes it a very cheap kart.

This invention is a brand new product, which complements the existing hoverkart market and could address part of the kart market.

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