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Roof or wall hole closing device

[Category : - Construction Processes & Equipment]
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A roof or wall hole closing device 1 includes an expanding part 3 which, in its contracted condition, is passed through the hole from one side. The expanded part 3, when expanded, closes the hole from one side. A rod 5 passes into the expanding part 3. The expanding part 3 is expanded by the user pulling the rod 5 through the hole. A positioner 7 engages against a second side of the hole to prevent movement of the expanding part 3 from its closing position. The positioner may include a further seal 15. The device when used in a roof can be installed from below, which avoids the dangers of the user needing to go up onto the exterior of the roof. Also claimed is a roof or wall anchor having an attachment part, such as a hook 33 for engaging a purlin, which hook may be connected via a ball joint 45. Further claimed is a device with a passageway (51, fig 26) for passing liquids.
There are two extra add-ons to this fixing.

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