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Group Theory applied to DNA to describe proteins behavior.

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US Patent application # 17/247,845 - Group Theory applied to DNA nucleotides to describe proteins behavior

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DNA can be represented with a mathematical Group of 5th order: 4 elements and one neuter element to describe DNA, amino acids and proteins properties.

For example blood groups behave as a mathematical group of 4th order.

Blood types A, B, AB and 0 are the elements of the group and the composition low is the way a group can be transfused to a patient. 0 is the neuter element of the group: it can be donated to any other group (any element is invariant if combined with the neuter one).

To describe DNA double helix we have 4 nucleotides, grouped in two equivalence classes: AG class of Purine and TC class of Pyrimidine.

The best application for this model is in new drugs development for Biotech or Pharmaceutical companies.

1.A protein has many possible binding regions for interactions. The use of 5th Order Group applied to nucleotides allows description, prediction, creation and disactivation of regions for protein-protein interaction.

An SNP Single Nucleotide Polymorphism is the replacement in a sequence of a single nucleotide. Many times this mutation has no consequences, but if it happens at the beginning or inside a binding region, it changes the class of the codon and influences the interaction properties of the protein.
SNP are linked to many diseases. With this model is possible to build a sequence capable to interact with the sequence modified, to balance the mutation and to restore the original mechanism that blocks the disease.

Another possibility it is to build a protein with the binding region that can interact with any specific target.

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