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Exercise machine-magnetic expander

[Category : - Fitness]
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I sell my invention in the form of a prototype, since the patent is obtained only in Russia and you can freely produce it in any other country.
The magnetic expander differs from conventional expanders in its application and muscle groups. Hands, forearms, biceps, shoulders are trained.
It can be applied in two ways:
1. magnets attract-the exercise is to separate the parts of the expander;
2. magnets repel-it is necessary to accurately connect the parts of the expander (but you do not have enough strength for this, believe me and ... check).
By the way, here is a link to the video from point 2: Link
Emollient elements are pasted on the expander.
This can be a good solution for the sports equipment manufacturing business. The prototype is being sold on ebay: Link

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