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New balance exercise machine with health benefits

[Category : - HEALTH- Fitness]
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Ageing and disability leads to poor mobility, a deterioration of balance and weakening of the musculoskeletal system. This increases the risk of accidents and falls. Every year, 1 in 3 elderly people in the EU and the UK will suffer a fall, resulting in 3.5 million fractures and a £40bn cost of treatment. 33% of those people with a hip fracture will die within a year. Balance training reduces the rate and hospital admissions by up to 55%, in addition to speeding up recovery times.

Formula Motion will satisfy an unmet market for low cost, simple and effective multifunctional rehabilitation and balance training. Patented system enables a wide range of beneficial movements.
The benefits have been confirmed by medical and sports professionals after assessing the prototype.
We already have interest from a number of commercial end-users/customers.

Formula Motion answers one of the UK governments ‘four grand challenges’ Link
Strength and balance training has been identified as an effective intervention to reduce falls by NICE. Link
The annual cost of fragility fractures to the UK £4.4 billion.

Formula Motion also has major uses and benefits in other market places:
Gyms and Health clubs. Elite athlete centres. Rehabilitation and stroke units. Sports injury clinics. Research establishments. Physiotherapy clinics. Virtual reality.

Formula motion is a new concept multi-functional exercise machine. Patented design. Gives movements with many end user benefits as confirmed by medical and sports professionals. Used for exercise, performance training and rehabilitation. Incorporates latest digital technologies to monitor performance and capture data to show progress. Achieved at a market competitive cost.

Targeted exercises create improved neural pathways and muscle function which leads to improved balance and mobility.

Benefits for users include: Improved coordination and balance. Accelerated recovery from injury. Stronger, more flexible joints. Improved muscle tone and core strength. Improved mobility.

Uses include. Falls prevention in elderly. General fitness. Sports development and training. Rehabilitation following surgery, injury or stroke. Eye / body co-ordination training. Proprioception training (where your body is in space.) Exercise or treatment for people with reduced mobility. Postural improvement. Balance improvement for vestibular disorders. Reducing back and joint pain.
Improving circulation to help prevent deep vein thrombosis. Virtual reality enhancement and reduction of VR sickness.

Market places: Retirement communities. Gyms and Health clubs. Elite athlete centres. Rehabilitation and stroke units. Sports injury clinics. Research establishments. Physiotherapy clinics. Virtual reality.

The technology is an innovative patented mechanism. Powerful use of software enables end user programming. Works like a flight simulator. Users can sit, stand, kneel or lie on the platform. It can raise, lower and tilt in all directions and combine to give sophisticated movements for different areas of the body and types of sports. The machine can move the user, and or the user can move the machine like a wobble board, and or the user can start movements via their body pressure movements.

Identified strong market need. Need confirmed by medical professionals and focus groups.
Currently there is not a main stream balance / mobility machine available. There's a real market gap.

Financial information

See website Link
Looking for any deal that makes some money.
Medical benefits identified.
Not sold anywhere yet but working prototype and medical professionals backing the product.
Massive potential in falls prevention in elderly, elite sports and Virtual reality.
Business plans available to see with return on investment of 9 to 1 in 5 years.
Patented also in USA and Europe.
Name also have trademarks.
Its like a new low cost flight simulator with many more benefits.

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