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[Category : - Headwear- HEALTH]
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Emask is an electronic face mask developed about 5 years ago when I noticed viruses getting more and more deadlier. It's fully automatic with two power settings and two different target light filter visors. It's fully solar powered and self contained. Not only does it stop any kind of germ or virus but it will either force them away or kill them. It uses both blue and mixed or blended UVC converged and track/blade light to form a deadly curtain protecting the wearer from most all dangerous pathogens. This unit incorporates about 5 different safety features that insures the safety of the wearer and maximizes the effectiveness against germs. I do not usually invent this type of equipment but I did it to protect mainly myself and my family/friends but it's hard to watch what is transpiring in the US and the world.

Financial information

licensing and royalties no prototype built yet, all blueprints/schematics at USPTO or at patent attorneys office and my office files.

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