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A USB Cable Head Collar With An Identification Marker On The Top

[Category : - Computers and computer accessories ]
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1. My invention generally relates to cable collars, and more particularly, to a cable head collar that includes an identification marker that signals a user of the orientation of the pinhead side that form part of the communication cable connector head.

2. My invention is directed to a universal serial bus (USB) cable, utilized as an external serial bus interface peripheral devices, such as printers, digital cameras, web cameras, external hard drives and other devices to an electronic device, such as computers, laptops, or tablets. The head collar includes an identification marker on one side of the collar that extends upwardly and is felt to the TOUCH. The identification marker informs the User, through TOUCH and whenever possible sight of the orientation of the pinhead connection orientation of the USB cable.

3. There is generally only one way of plugging most USB port into a device, and markers for which it should be plugged is not obvious to the average consumer. Accordingly , there is felt but as of yet not meet the need for a device that minimizes the likelihood of damaging a USB port by accidentally plugging it to a port incorrectly which damage could render the device useless and or result in a potential loss all of the data stored should be integral asset to the USB flash drive design

4. Sample prototypes provided in pictures section of application.

Financial information

I am interesting in a licensing deal with royalties or form a PARNTERSHIP for the FUTURE user friendly USB pinhead with a top identification marker in the form of a raised letter on the CORRECT SIDE of the USB PINHEAD for the user to feel with the finger knowing the USB pinhead is right side up to prevent damaging the device.

The TCORD my have the initial of your name, a mascot, trademark design and it is patented for glow in the dark protection for easy use with limited lighting and location behind or under objects such as night stands, beds, office desks and inside automobiles.

If you are interesting email contact for a copy of the completed and approved patent pending application.

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