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Glue Gun with revolving cylinder holds 10 glue sticks.

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website - Link cylinder mounted to back of glue gun holds 10 gluernsticks. The cylinder revolves to allow loading a new glue stick into the gun without ever having to stop gluing. new glue sticks can be reloaded while the glue gun is in operation.rnrnThe gun also features flanges that hold the glue sticks inside therncylinder until they are ready to be loaded into the gun. These flangesrnalso retain the glue sticks so that if the gun is tilted backwards, the glue sticks do not fall out of the cylinder. No other glue gun on thernmarket has this feature.rnrnThe great advantage here is that the gluing process can continuernindefinitely. With all other glue guns, only one stick at a time canrnbe available to be loaded into the gun. Stopping the gluing processrnallows the hot bead of glue previously laid to cool and harden. While fumbling to find, grab and load a new glue stick then continue the gluing process; hot glue is laid on top of coldrnhardened glue. This makes for a very poor bond. The inventionrnallows the job to be completed no matter how large it is withoutrnstopping to reload. Just tuen the cylinder one notch to push inrna new stick behind the one in use for a continuous operation.rnrnGlue guns is currently a $20 billion industry. The owner of thisrnpatent can add the invention to any glue gun giving a marketrnadvantage over all other guns on the market for a period of 20rnyears (life of the patent).rnrnImagine the invented glue gun hanging on a pin at the hardwarernor 'crafts' store. Which is the consumer going to buy - the singlernshot 'flintlock' gun or the 10 shot revolver.rnrn

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