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FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: invention discloses a method of producing hydrocarbon fuel from coal, including its preliminary wet grinding, mixing ground coal with an organic solvent, exposing the obtained mixture by hydrodynamic cavitation, characterized in that the wet grinding of coal to produce a coal-water carried paste with a density of up to 1.3 kg/m3, which is then pumped into a container for mixing with an organic solvent and treated with a cavitation hydro-perforation dispersant, performing hydraulic grinding of coal to 0.003-0.01 mm and homogenisation of water-coal paste and organic solvent, process control sampling, and when the density of the resulting homogeneous paste 0.99-1.1 g/cm3it is directed to the collecting tank, and then supplied to upper part of inclined reactor for electric pulse treatment, after which obtained product through lower part of reactor is supplied to storage container of finished product for settling.EFFECT: technical result consists in simplification of process of producing hydrocarbon fuel, high yield of product, reduced consumption of organic solvent and production of hydrocarbon fuel by density of corresponding medium and heavy natural oil.5 cl, 1 ex, 1 dwg

Financial information

this is the brand new invention.
It brings about many tangible benefits to the end user which are noit otherwise found elsewhere, notably:
It exhibits a Small Scale Modular Facility to Convert Raw Coals into SynCoal Fuels which greatly reduces GHG emissions otherwise prohibitively high for low qualilty raw coal
The way the coal is thereby converted into synfuels represents an innovative, cost efficient and GHG emission-friendly approach addressing multiple challenges we are increasingly facing nowadays regarding the industrial applications of raw coal.
We developed a variety synfuels derived as a result of making use of our disruptive technology to the exclusion of high-temperature and/or high cost catalysts otherwise in place in other CTL facilities across the globe
One tone of row coal will cause to produce around 400 litres of synfuels which in turn is further processed into the following transportation fuels as a result of hydrotreating:
11% of SynPetrol (0,74g/cm3)
40% of SynDiesel (0,825g/cm3)
49% of Low temperature SynOil (0,855g/cm3)
Total electricity costs needed to process one ton of raw coal equal 70kVtpa
The average unit cost of producing one ton of the said end products equals US$100.
The CapEx (based on the facility's optimized configuration) represents just a fraction of its peers, somewhere in a range of US$10k to 20k per barrel of daily output (the industry average exceeds $100k)

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