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[Category : - RENEWABLE ENERGY- Heating & Cooling- Swimming]
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A simple, inexpensive and eco-friendly solution to create the perfect swimming pool temperature or other heating needs.

Easy to assemble

The Simply Hot System is built with manufactured modules and consumer recyclable plastic bottles. Attach the modules from end to end to create a long tube, and screw on the plastic bottles to the sides of the tube. Then, connect the assembly to your swimming pool with a pair of hoses and a few fittings. That's it!

The Simply Hot module is manufactured with a strong, durable but inexpensive plastic with a cost estimate that is cheaper than a Starbucks coffee cup!

Not only is the Simply Hot module inexpensive, the material itself is made with recyclable plastic. You can also attach recyclable plastic bottles to the module to create an assembly that is entirely eco-friendly!

Patent abstract: A modular liquid heating assembly includes a plurality of liquid delivery modules in series. The liquid delivery modules each include a module body having an inlet fitting, an outlet fitting, and a plurality of vessel coupling ports. The vessel coupling ports each include inflow and outflow orifices. The inlet and outlet fittings and the plurality of vessel coupling ports are in serial communication with each other through respective inflow and outflow orifices of the plurality of vessel coupling ports. At least one of the liquid delivery modules are configured for coupling with an inflow liquid line coupled with a liquid reservoir. Similarly at least one of the liquid delivery modules are configured for coupling with an outflow liquid line coupled with the liquid reservoir.

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