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High torque nut locking system

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• This invention allows a positive locking of a nut by mechanical stop.
• It allows a fast assembly and disassembly with a high locking torque and repeated assemblies and disassemblies without swapping or wearing out parts.
• The longitudinal placement of the washer and of the nut, according to the axis of the screw, may vary and does not imply a particular longitudinal position of the nut, as it is the case for the castle nuts where the slots must coincide with the radial hole drilled in the screw.
• It can withstand high temperatures if it is made entirely with metal parts.
• It can also be set up without interacting with the support plane between the nut and the assembly.

The operation of this system works on an interlocking of the movements of the washer and the nut.
During assembly, and after the nut has been fully tightened, the washer can be inserted by sliding on the screw until it rests on the nut.
The nut is then loosened very slightly, maintaining a slight pressure in the axis of the screw on the washer.
The notches and protrusions of the nut and washer then engage with each other, their respective inclined faces bearing on each other.
When the flat face of the washer comes to press on the nut, any additional loosening movement of the latter is prevented by the inclined faces of the notches of the washer, and any translation of the washer is itself reciprocally prohibited by the inclined faces of the projections of the nut

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