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Basis of the invention

The basis and the convenience of the user of the invention is in that the container can be filled with different beverages, it can be emptied up to the desired quantity and removed from a standard device from the state of technology, before complete emptying of the container without spilling the liquid beverage in the surroundings. This convenience is provided by the constructive solution of the cap and adapter. When the cap is fastened to the container, it closes it hermetically, while the adapter allows the container to be fixed and the liquid beverage to be released, which can only pass through the filter to the user.
The cap consists of an outlet, a cylindrical spring, a base and gaskets.
The outlet is shaped like a hat, with a hole in axis level. At one end of the outlet is a rim in the shape of a wreath and, at the other end, in the area of the hole, there are rectangular openings along the cylinder. On the rim, on the exterior, parallel with the axis are mutually parallel indentations, which cross-section is in the shape of circle segment, while on the inside there is a wide-pitch thread, so-called fast connection, for faster connecting and disconnecting with the container. At the bottom, beneath the end of the interior thread there is a groove in which a flat gasket is placed, which seals the space between the cap and the container,
At the bottom of the hole, a cylindrical spring is inserted into the outlet, resting at one end, while the other end of the spring is pressed against the base.
The base is in the shape of a shallow cup, with an outlet inside the cup in the shape of a wreath, such that the spring is inserted into the cup and surrounds the wreath which at the same time serves to guide the spring.
The gasket is tube-shaped. At one end of the gasket, on the exterior side is a wreath, and on the other side, on the exterior, there are spines. As part of the outlet, the wreath rests in a channel, while the spines fit into openings in the outlet, which keeps the gasket in appropriate position in relation to the outlet and prevents it from falling out. The cylindrical spring in the assembly presses the base against the gasket, ensuring that cap is hermetically closed.
The adapter consists of the base with which the lid is tightly, hermetically, and separably connected.
The base is in the shape of an inverted hat. On the wider end of the base, along the axis of the base, there is a groove into which the water filter is placed. The base on that side is enforced with ribs that connect the rim to the foundation, allowing the adapter to support the container filled with liquid. Along the outer edge of the base, where the filter is installed, there are air inlets that permit the air from the environment to fill the empty space in the container after release of the liquid. In the foundation of the base there is a channel. On the exterior wall of the channel there is an interior thread for the connection with the lid. On the other side of the base there is a neck with an opening inside of it through which the base is connected to a standard dispenser for dispensing a liquid beverage, through the gasket.
The lid is cylindrical and funnel-shaped. On one (wider) side of the lid there is a wreath with an exterior thread, while on the other side there is a cylindrical top with lateral openings. The lid is hermetically and firmly connected to the base using the thread via the gasket, located in the groove, for shaping the adapter. The hermetic link between the base and the lid ensures that all liquid that is delivered by gravity from the container passes through the filter to the user.
The container is balloon shaped, with handles in its body which are positioned symmetrically. At one end of the container is a neck with an exterior thread for the connection with the cap.

The advantages of a cap with adapter on a container for releasing liquid gravitationally are as follows:
- the container can be filled with the desired liquid beverage;
- easy handling;
- the container can be removed from the dispenser even when it is not completely empty;
- there is no spilling of liquid when placing the container on the adapter;
- liquid beverages are always filtered.

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Assembly of an adapter (3) for holding an inverted bottled drink dispenser and a cap (2). The cap, intended for closing a bottle, comprises a liquid passage with an outlet which is normally closed by a valve member (17) biased by a spring (16). When the capped bottle is connected to the adapter (3), a lid (19) mounted on the adapter (3) pushes against valve member (17) and opens the liquid passage. When the bottle is removed from the adapter (3), the spring- biased valve member (17) closes the liquid passage in the cap, thus preventing spilling residual liquid from the bottle. In an embodiment, the adapter (3) comprises a filter (18) for the liquid.
L'invention concerne l'assemblage d'un adaptateur (3) qui permet de tenir un distributeur de boisson en bouteille renversé et d'un capuchon (2). Le capuchon, conçu pour fermer une bouteille, comprend un passage de liquide avec une sortie qui est normalement fermée par un élément valve (17) actionné par un ressort (16). Lorsque la bouteille fermée par un capuchon est raccordée à l'adaptateur (3), un couvercle (19) monté sur l'adaptateur (3) exerce une poussée contre l'élément valve (17) et ouvre le passage de liquide. Lorsque la bouteille est retirée de l'adaptateur (3), l'élément valve (17) actionné par ressort ferme le passage de liquide dans le capuchon, ce qui permet d'éviter le déversement de liquide résiduel de la bouteille. Dans un mode de réalisation, l'adaptateur (3) comprend un filtre (18) pour le liquide.

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