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[Category : - SOFTWARES- AMUSEMENT SPORTS- Advertising methods]
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a portable movement support device using the augmented reality technology, for normally functioning as a pacemaker and a portable navigation system for the walking or the like, and when disaster or the like happens, functioning as a portable navigation system for evacuation guidance.SOLUTION: The portable movement support device composed of a portable terminal or an optical see-through HMD or the like includes: display means for displaying a guide such as an electronic pet or the like to lead a user, and additionally a lead for linking the user and the guide, superposing them on real space; user movement speed detection means; guide movement speed determination means for determining assumed movement speed of the guide in real space, according to the heart rate or the like of the user; and changing means for changing the size or a position for displaying the guide. The device may further include means for determining the amount of bending of the lead. The user can intuitively recognize and adjust his/her own movement speed, by moving so as to follow the guide.

One application example:
[Concept] In order to connect walking to the prevention of lifestyle-related diseases, it is necessary to maintain a pace suitable for individuals, not just walking.
It is said that the degree of sweating and the degree of breathing are effective, but it is difficult to understand, and even if you look at the speed and heart rate numerically
I don't understand intuitively. So, just follow the guide that displays using Augmented Reality (AR).
It enables walking that leads to prevention of lifestyle-related diseases. Furthermore, if you have a navigation function, you can attract and attract tourists.
It enables traffic safety, evacuation guidance, etc. We can utilize open data such as geospatial information, disaster prevention / mitigation, and statistical information.
[Overview of the app] Electronic pets, virtual people, characters, etc. to lead the user by superimposing on the image taken by the camera
Display processing to display the guide and change processing to change the size and position of the guide to be displayed based on the user's movement pace, etc.
Is executed by smartphones, tablet terminals, glasses-type terminals, etc. Also, if you use a heart rate sensor, you can use an intuitive heart rate.
Training will be possible. Furthermore, if you have a navigation function, by newly introducing the concept of "following", optimal pace distribution becomes possible. It leads to safety and security
Information (for example, traffic accident location, molester infestation location, criminal escape direction, tornado occurrence status, AED installation location, evacuation route blockage
It is also possible to intuitively present the situation, the nearest evacuation site, etc.) by the movement and voice of the guide. In addition, it is a see-through method.
There is less danger like a so-called walking smartphone.

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