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"Piston pump without valves"

[Category : - Pumps]
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"Piston pump without valves"
To facilitate the understanding of the idea of the invention, I have included one drawing of a valveless plunger pump. In the drawing, in the section marked with no. (1), there is a mechanism that rotates the piston by 90º for one piston stroke, always in one direction. This mechanism (1) is the essence of this invention and I will disclose it and provide details to the person concerned by possible agreement.
The mechanism (1) can also be used in a valveless, double-acting piston pump. The pumps can work with an independent drive, for example hydraulic, pneumatic or connecting rod.
If you are interested in this pump, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will be glad to provide further information.
I didn't build a prototype.

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