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Stylus to Improve Children's Handwriting During Touch Screen Use

[Category : - HEALTH- Educational]
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A writing tool that trains a functional handwriting grasp while children use touch screen devices. Reliance on touch screen devices has proven to be detrimental to children's development of hand musculature. Poorly developed hands lead to poor writing grasp, which in turn, causes poor handwriting skills. Handwriting is a key aspect of literacy and affects a child for the rest of their life. This is not just a handwriting issue, but a literacy issue. The invention trains important handwriting skills while leveraging children's desire to use touch screen devices. No current technology facilitate a functional handwriting grasp during touch screen use.

To find patent publication, use search term, "grip aid writing system" in the USPTO database.

Financial information

We are looking to license/sell our patent in order to help millions of children improve their handwriting during touch screen use.

An estimated 19 million children ages 4-11 are using touch screens at home.

4.7 million children are estimated to have handwriting difficulty.

31.6 million tablets were purchased by schools globally.

There is a $1.2 billion market for the proposed invention.

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