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Everyone knows about the importance of drinking water. The peculiarity is that in places where there is a lot of sun, there is not clean water and electricity. Therefore, millions of people are forced to drink dirty water, although 6-10 liters of clean water a day could save their health.
Many designs for the evaporation of water under the sun of the pool type are known. Their shortcomings are known. It has a large area and cost. It is impossible to bring it as humanitarian aid. They require pumps and generally electricity. The fundamental error of such designs is the combination of the heater, evaporator and condenser in one volume.
I propose a new design of a desalination plant designed for 10 liters of clean water per day. The device uses only the energy of the sun and wind. NO ELECTRICITY, NO PUMPS, NO MAINTENANCE.
SUBSTANCE: invention relates to solar engineering, in particular to seawater and mineralized water distillers using renewable energy sources and can be used for individual water supply outside civilized infrastructure as well as in disaster medicine. The autonomous seawater distiller on the air moisturizing method comprises an initial water tank, an air moisturizer heated by solar heat, a capacitor in the form of a coil, a container for desalinated water and an air pump and is characterized in that the moisturizer represents a rising corrugated pipe, evaporation is carried out in a turbulent air flow, with the initial water supply to the moisturizer being ensured by ejection through the nozzle and the float actuator, with quantity of the initial water exceeding the calculated evaporative capacity of the moisturizer to flush the salt sludge and the air pump being driven from the wind turbine or from the sea waves.
EFFECT: invention can be used for individual water supply outside civilized infrastructure as well as in disaster medicine.

Thus, the entire structure fits into a box with dimensions of 0,5 x0,5x1 meters and costs no more than $ 50 for materials. In the case of using an air pump driven by sea waves, the capacity will reach 100-200 liters.

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