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Cotton Gauze Grocery bag to replace Plastic bag &Plastic wrap

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I have a patented an invention of a grocery bag made out of lightweight, highly absorbent and airy cotton gauze fabric that not only can replace Plastic bags & Plastic wraps (as its main purpose to reduce plastic pollution) but also offers many additional secondary uses at home, in support of UN the goals to transform the world by 2030. More specifically Goal 12: Achieve the sustainable management and efficient use of Natural Resources”.
More information about this patented solution can be seen on the links below:

1-Photo Illustration of the product.

2-Full description of the product

4- You Tube Video:

5-Video Presentation at European Inventors Week –Albania (Oct 2022)

6-Publication of the European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform:

Financial information

Once this solution will be implemented here is its economic context:
Cotton production worldwide is around 25 million tons/year.

In order to replace 500 billion plastic bags each year w/ cotton gauze bags, 7.5 million tons cotton/year will be needed (out of 25 Million/year), taking into account that the average weight is 15 gr. cotton/bag
(500.000.000.000 bags/year x 15 gr/bag = 7.500.000 Ton cotton/year)

It should also be considered that these 7.5 million tons of cotton are not only to replace billions of plastic bags, but this amount also includes the production needed for all secondary purposes.

And here is the last but not least from its importance!

Whether the Customers would really like to better help the planet, this is the right product to serve the purpose as it comes with the option to use it as a "Reusable" bag.

If the gauze bag is reused at least once, it will serve the purpose as it will reduce the gauze bag production in half and respectively the cotton production in half-from 7.5 million Tons to 3.8 million Tons per year.

And if the bag is used even more times as a "Reusable bag" (offering customers some credit in return), it will opt the cotton production to replace billions of “Plastic wraps” used for multipack bottles/cans in our grocery stores.