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Multi-function Gauze Grocery Bag to replace plastic bags

[Category : - HUMAN NECESSITIES- DESIGN PATENTS- Cleaning devices]
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The ultimate goal of this "Multi-function Cotton Gauze Grocery Bag" is to replace all together the Plastic shopping bags, Heavyweight Tote Reusable bags and Paper bags

There are two solutions on this Invention::

1st- The present Solution offers new Handle design for the grocery bag that will save 10-30% natural resources in support of United Nation SDGs 2030: 17 Goals to Transform our 2030 ,specifically Goal 12, achieve the sustainable management and efficient use of natural resources by 2030.

Based on the Detailed Competitive Analysis of the new design (without “Attached or Cutout Hole” handles will save 10-30% Fabric, Fuel, Energy: and Manpower . VS traditional ones in the Market see the link below::Link

Furthermore besides savings on Handles, using the Self-finished edges of the textile (so called Selvage) for the opening of the bag on the new design, it will be reduced also the cost of sewing process on the bag's opening that will results less Manpower and Energy
It is highly beneficial to make Textile Industry ( particularly bag manufacturers) and Retail stores aware of this new design which is clearly very sustainable and economical. They should also consider that shoulder handles such as "Attached and Cutout hole" :are not necessary, especially for grocery bags which will be used from Store-to Cart-to Car- to Home (with average life cycle just 12 minutes)

The most important point is that this sustainable solution does not need any additional investments in infrastructure or machinery to be implemented.

2-nd A combination of this simple design with the lightest and most absorbent possible cheesecloth gauze fabric manufactured by Textile Industry, it will make the Retail bag to support the Circularity due to being a multi-functional product with “Never ending life cycle” at home. It is for this reason that it helps not only the environment, but as well, saves customers money on the long run by:
- reducing the use of Paper towels,
-replacing “Microfiber cleaning cloths”,
-replacing Microfiber floor mop with gripper handles.
-Washable cotton Diapers Inserts/pads.
-Burping/Spit-up Cloth for baby
-Replace cleaning cloth used for general cleaning
- Use it as a dry trash bag.
-also be washed, and reused for all of the above, including as a reusable grocery bag if needed:
Photo Illustrations of gauze bag replacing other items at home:

Youtube video: Link

Economic Context: Link

This solution was created with this question in mind:

How to combine the lightest and most absorbent possible cotton material with a unique grocery bag design to have the Global Grocery Bag Industry shift to this Multi-function gauze grocery bag” “that not only will replace single-use plastic bags but it will make the grocery bag a “3R strategy product” (Reduce-Reuse-Recycle) in support of Circular Economy:
Reduce- by implementing the new design and saving natural sources (SDGs2030; Goal 12)
Reuse- by reusing it as grocery bag;
Recycle-by recycles it at home with “Never ending life cycle”

A combination of gauze cheesecloth (preferably Medium grades #50 -70) fabric with this new bag design can produce "The never-ending Life cycle of a cotton gauze grocery bag"

For more information about this solution see the publication of the European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform: Link

This Solution is beyond prototype: I have contacted two Manufactures (in India and China) who are willing to manufacture it.

The ultimate goal of This solution is to replace all the grocery bags presently in the market. (single-use plastic bags, paper and heavyweight reusable cotton bags), since each of them has their own problems.

More information in the "Advantages of Gauze bag Vs Single-use plastic bags/Heavy weight Tote reusable bags/ Non-woven grocery bags/ Paper bags" can be seen on the link below::


Financial information

Patent Status and reference numbers:
1- US D915219 – Design Patent Granted Apr 2021
2- US11350712B2-Utility Patent Granted May 2022
3- Worldwide (WO) 2020180802 – (EPO entered the Reginal Phase on Aug 2021)
4- US D948891- Design Patent Granted on Apr 2022
(Stainless steel ”Gauze-Bag Rack” to replace Stainless steel “Plastic-Bag Rack” on Checkout-line)

*Cheesecloth Fabric is available in at least seven different grades, . The grades can be #10, #40, #50, #60, #80 and #90.

Cheesecloth Grade # 50 -#70
Weight: 0.5-0.7 oz. cotton/bag and can be used to carry up to 15 pounds groceries.

Cheesecloth Grade #80-#90
Weight: 0.8-0.9 oz. cotton/bag and can be used to carry heavy items on Home depot over 15 pounds