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Life-cycle Cotton Gauze grocery bag

[Category : - HUMAN NECESSITIES- DESIGN PATENTS- Cleaning devices]
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"Green & Circular-usable" bag is a multi-functional cotton gauze grocery bag with never ending life cycle at home that can be produced in mass scale able to fully replace over 500 billion mass-produce single-use plastic bags globally.

This innovative product was created with question in mind:

How to combine the lightest, breathable and most absorbent possible cotton fabric with a unique grocery bag design to have the Global Grocery Bag Industry shift to this "Life-cycle cotton gauze bag ” that not only will replace single-use Plastic bags &Plastic warps (as its main purpose) but also (as its secondary purpose) allows the product after unload the groceries to be turned into a piece of "Gauze cloth” that enables every square inch of it to be used at home till the end of its life cycle (that is around 3 months), in support of Circular economy by fully replace many other items at home such as:

-Microfiber cleaning cloths,
-Paper towels for general cleaning,
-Microfiber mop floor,
-Disposable baby diapers
-Burping/Spit-up Cloth for baby
-also be washed, and reused for all of the above, including as a reusable grocery bag if needed.

Gauze fabric mainly is manufactured by Textile industry for Medical purpose to cover or wrap and allow wounds to “breathe” while quickly "absorbing" speedy fluids.

“Highly Absorb and Airy” properties of gauze fabric are unique combination makes this raw material extremely hygienic not only for medical purpose but also can be used at home by offering consumers a grocery bag that alongside with groceries they will bring back to our kitchen a Nature Air Cotton product instead of Plastics.

More information about this "All in One" product can be seen on the links below.

1-Photo Illustration of the product.

2-Video Presentation at European Inventors Week –Albania (Oct 2022)

3-Video demonstration of the product as multi-purposes /secondary uses.

4-Publication of the European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform:

6-Full description of the product

This Product is Developed/Tested in industrial level and quoted by Gauze Manufacturer in India $0.15- $0.23/bag and is ready for supply in large scale.

Product Description-Key Features:

1- Alongside with groceries, this “All in one” product will also bring back to our kitchen a nature air cotton product.

2-Easy to care: This multi-functional product weighing around 0.6-07 Oz. /bag (that is of a pack of tissue) requires very little storage space, easily machine washed and stored in the kitchen drawer, in your purse or car for usage whenever needed.

3-Extremely Hygienic especially valuable for use in your kitchen. The tiny air holes in the gauze fabric not only give the bag higher water-absorption properties, but also allow it to dry quickly. This unique aspect makes the Gauze bag extremely hygienic. In this age of food related epidemics, customers and food purveyors will be ever more mindful of cross-contamination.

4-GOOD FOR grocery delivery at home: The gauze bag provides the convenient option of tightening (closing up) the opening to save the groceries from rolling out

5- GOOD FOR THE PLANET AND YOUR WALLET: By bringing this gauze bag with your groceries at home, not only we save money in the long run, but contribute to lowering the footprint on the environment and having Textile industry reduce manufacturing of Cotton and Microfiber fabrics for cleaning cloth, Mop floors, Diaper Inserts, Burping/Spit-up Cloth for baby, and also reduce the need for Paper towels and Paper bags, which rely on cutting trees that require years to grow.

Financial information

Once this solution will be implemented here is its economic context:
Cotton production worldwide is around 25 million tons/year.

In order to replace 500 billion plastic bags each year w/ cotton gauze bags, 7.5 million tons cotton/year will be needed (out of 25 Million/year), taking into account that the average weight is 15 gr. cotton/bag
(500.000.000.000 bags/year x 15 gr/bag = 7.500.000 Ton cotton/year)

It should also be considered that these 7.5 million tons of cotton are not only to replace billions of plastic bags, but this amount also includes the production needed for all secondary purposes.

And here is the last but not least from its importance!

Whether the Customers would really like to better help the planet, this is the right product to serve the purpose as it comes with the option to use it as a "Reusable" bag.

If the gauze bag is reused at least once, it will serve the purpose as it will reduce the gauze bag production in half and respectively the cotton production in half-from 7.5 million Tons to 3.8 million Tons per year.

And if the bag is used even more times as a "Reusable bag" (offering customers some credit in return), it will opt the cotton production to replace billions of “Plastic wraps” used for multipack bottles/cans in our grocery stores.