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[Category : - Security and alarms]
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A cyber attack targetted at RSA reveiled three deficits in hardware architecture. This invention is a hardware architecture, which is free of those deficits. Besides the icapability of executing malware code, it offers futher advantages over conventional computer architectures, e.g. higher bandwidth in processor to memory communication, and secure data sharing between networks of differing access attributes.
A data processing system may have a strict separation of processor tasks and data categories, wherein processor tasks are separated into software loading and initialisation (loading processor) and data processing (main processor) and data categories are separated into address data, instructions, internal function data, target data of the main processor and target data of the loading processor. In this way, protection is provided against malware, irrespective of the transmission medium and of the type of malware, and also against future malware and without performance losses in the computer system.