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[Category : - Automotive Accessories - Life-saving; Fire-fighting- Security and alarms]
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The serious problem exists in which a driver mistakenly leaves a child or pet within a vehicle whether forgotten or intending to return quickly. In too many situations, while the driver is away, the temperature quickly rises to dangerous levels for any occupant in the vehicle. On some occasions, other drivers and individuals passing by the vehicle may realize that the child or pet may be in danger and seek assistance. All too often, the situation is discovered after an occupant has been exposed to these dangerous temperatures for a significant length of time. It does not need to be stressed how tragic even a single of such episodes are. Therefore a serious need exists for an invention to ensure this never happens.

According to our system, a dash cam will account for every individual that enters the car, using face recognition or motion sensor. When the system is alerted by the thermometer that the internal temperature of the vehicle has reached a threshold value and the system is aware through constant monitoring that an occupant is in the vehicle, it generates a warning message regarding the occupant within the vehicle. It transmits the warning message with the GPS location to one or more emergency contacts and/or causes an alarm or a different signal in the car to go off. The system also has options of alerting the driver as soon as he/she exits the car that an occupant is still in the vehicle and/or alerting him or emergency services as soon as the temperature begins to rise and there may be danger to occupant in the vehicle.

As opposed to our system all the other safety devices require a driver to perform some act every time he/she enters or exits the car that thus requires the driver to remember to activate the system .

Financial information

We would like to sell the patent-pending invention to a dash camera company or car company as an advanced feature to their product.

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