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Craft apron - For all your knitting and crochet projects

[Category : - DESIGN PATENTS]
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A craft apron for keeping knitting and crocheting components together, for providing easy access to the components by a knitter and a crocheter and for storing and for carrying the knitting and crocheting components. A first member having a pleated portion and a second member having a hem. The second member joined to the first member to define a pouch. A closure disposed on the first member. The closure has a fastener for fastening the closure to the hem for opening and closing the craft apron. A tie cooperating with the hem. The craft apron is adjustable. A width adjustment is provided with a cord lock by gathering the hem; the cord lock cooperating with the tie and a length adjustment is accomplished with a snap fastener. The craft apron may be worn about the waist of a crafter and carried as a tote bag.