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STOP PROFIT (AI based - Automated Trading Software)

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We all know that, 95% of the day traders are losing their 95% of capital in first 95 trading days as per statistics.

However, some experienced day traders are opting STOP LOSS during their trading to minimize the loss (if markets are not good).

In general markets are so volatile and will react on economical, social and governance issues.

Thus, I have invented the technology called STOP PROFIT. This is completely very new concept in world of trading. This software will compute more than 30 ratios/measures in less than 30 seconds. Thus traders can take a call of buying, selling and hold options in less time by their own without depending on any other sources.

You can follow the following, once you have software from us

1. Install our STOP PROFIT software in your system (it will take 5 to
10 min maximum)
2. It will work on windows and mac
3. It will work for all countries. Just put the name of the country,
trading index Ex. NYSE etc
4. You can trade up to 3 countries at a time
5. You will get OTP to your registered email ID and put the OTP in
the given field
6. Then you can select any stock ticker
7. You can find 30 important measures in less than 30 seconds
8. No need to learn or understand those 30 ratio's
9. See only 30th ratio. If the ratio says buy then buy
10. see the 29th ratio and select/click on Y or N

If you select Y, you will get alarm ring to sell. This will happen once the stock price is reached to 10% profit.

Also, you can see 28th ratio and tick to 10%, 15% and 20% marks.

If you select 10% is always good and probability of your success is almost 100%.

I have given few details and few measures in the book called STOP PROFIT, which is available at AMAZON

You can read the book at: Link

My innovation is useful to day traders, short time traders and Asset Management companies only. I am sure, this stop profit will give you consists profits irrespective of market conditions

I am going to sell my software for licensed or outright. Please contact us, if you are serious to have.

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