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[Category : - OTHER- Automotive Accessories - Navigation and orientation]
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Looking for investors for manufacturing and supplying to automakers. Open to selling or licensing our fluid processing patents.

Brimtech LLC, has patented technology in the US and EU that will provide a constant supply of cleaning fluid to the self-cleaning cameras and sensors that support the autonomous operations for assisted driving.

We have the perfect solution for the automotive self-cleaning camera and sensor performance limitation due to the limited supply of cleaning fluid that currently is supporting them from manually filled washer reservoirs.

Several companies are racing to develop ways to let the cameras and sensors on cars clean themselves. Brimtech has developed an A.I. self-filling cleaning fluid system that will support these self-cleaning cameras and sensors year round. Because of our patented technology, our self-filling systems know the weather conditions that the vehicle is driving in and makes the cleaning fluid accordingly.

More than just a luxury item that keeps the windshield washer reservoir full, our product will support the self-cleaning cameras and sensors that are so vital to providing reliable clear imaging to the driver and the autonomous systems that are currently assisting drivers and one day, fully autonomous vehicles. The camera and sensor cleaning market has a bright future ahead of it as long as they can overcome the current problem of the limited cleaning fluid supply. Installing a larger reservoir to support these self-cleaning cameras is not something that automakers can or want to do. Not only will our product eliminate this fluid limitation, it also will give the automaker the option to install a (patented) smaller split washer reservoir on their vehicles due to the continuous supply of cleaning fluid that our product makes automatically from rain, snow and AC condensate collected from different locations around the vehicle.

The Brimtech self-filling system produces customized cleaning fluids for the current weather conditions that the vehicle is driving in and also the forecast weather conditions that it will be driving in. This is done by use of (patented) temperature data collected over time and data received from the vehicle’s navigation system. This Brimtech A.I. technology allows the self-filling system to know exactly how much antifreeze agent (Ethanol, etc...) to add to the water collected by the self-filling system from various collection points located around the vehicle. The self-filling fluid system working parallel with the self-cleaning cameras and sensors may prove to be an important piece of the fully autonomous driving puzzle.

US Patent No.: 8865002, US Patent No.: 10442405, EU Patent Application No.: 15859236.0, EU Patent No.: EP3218235, France 3218235, Great Britain 3218235, Germany 602015052521.3

You can learn more about this technology on the Brimtech website. Link

Financial information

The worldwide market for Automotive Camera Module is expected to grow at a CAGR of roughly 18.5% over the next five years, will reach 8530 million USD in 2024, from 3080 million USD in 2019, according to a new study. Global Automotive Camera Module market competition by TOP MANUFACTURERS;
• Panasonic
• Valeo
• Magna
• Continental
• LG Innotek
• Sharp
• Bosch
• Tung Thih
Economic information is from The MarketWatch News Department
Jul 15, 2020 (The Expresswire).

Brimtech is open to selling or licensing its patents or manufacturing the product for OEM's or for an automotive tier-1 supplier.
Outright sale of all patents - US $3 MM
Licensing Royalties - US $0.30 (30 cents per unit)
Manufacturing price - Neg.