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Magnetic Plastic

[Category : - Construction Processes & Equipment- Organic Chemistry- DESIGN PATENTS]
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ABSTRACT: A plastic product having magnetic properties and a method for making the same is provided. The method comprises creating a mixture of a nylon and a metal, melting the mixture to create a melted mixture of the metal suspended in the nylon, injecting the melted mixture into a mold to harden the melted mixture and shape the melted mixture into the product

DESCRIPTION: We have had a groundbreaking discovery in quantum mechanics and electromagnetic induction and have created for the first time lightweight, flexible magnetic plastic. This opens up a new medium for inventors and can offer alternative innovative solutions from household goods to electrical components. Also, this offers environmental solutions to the recollection of plastic waste in the oceans as magnetic plastic can be easily salvaged.

Financial information

We are a team of inventors and polymer scientists that have taken our discovery as far as we could. We have invested millions of dollars in R&D over a five year period as this invention was highly classified. World class polymer institutions and top polymer scientists have reviewed all the science and we have written endorsements. We have a plastic plant to run demonstrations and offer tolerance testing samples for serious and interested buyers. A potential buyer/corporation will need to have the staff and infrastructure to scale this technology to the mainstream manufacturing community. I won't sugar coat it, it will be a substantial financial investment to realize this enormous potential windfall. We think an initial startup cost could start between 3-7 million dollars, with the return being in the billions. Our technology has not been sold or marketed, and there is zero infringement issues associated. We have also patented a product to start a provenance for the improvement of the patent.

We are looking for an outright acquisition with a 2-3% equity stake on the back end with future licensing options. We are open to structured annuity payment plans. There are patents and then there are the holy grail of patents, this one falls into the latter category. Obviously, with a patent of this stature and caliber we would insist on an independent third party valuation firm to run a comprehensive evaluation that all parties can agree on, before any numbers are tossed around. We also have a journal of potential products and applications for this technology that we would offer in the deal, one includes blueprints for a redesign of a lightweight solenoid using magnetic nylon. The proprietary nature of IP protects us in the development of any and every application that utilizes magnetic plastic. The process is unique in the electromagnetic induction claims that is applicable to all polymers and copolymers and resins not just nylon. Please, we are seeking only serious inquiries, thank you.

-Iain McDonald CEO OMPPR LLC