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Adjustable Door Sweep

[Category : - DESIGN PATENTS]
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The present invention is an adjustable door sweep that would be available as either 1.) an accessory attached to the bottom of an exterior/screen door or 2.) an integrated component of a newly manufactured exterior/screen door. Both embodiments would feature a 1?2? thick, loose bundle of 2.5? long nylon sweep bristles running the width of the door and protruding from a 1?2?? aperture on the bottom of the door or accessory. When deployed from the bottom of the door or accessory, they would conform perfectly to the exact surface of the threshold.

The invention would provide advantages over other adjustable door sweeps available on the market, including being easy to manufacture, install, and use. Moreover, the above-described adjustable door sweep (both embodiments) allows its vertically positioned nylon bristles (sweep) to move independently of each other in order to exactly conform to virtually any threshold surface the door closes over, preventing or at least mitigating, insects, small animals such as mice or snakes, or any dirt or plant material from entering via wind or other factors. The adjustable door sweep's ability to be provided as either an add-on door accessory or integral to a newly manufactured door is another clear advantage of present invention.