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variable Upper Room UV Germicidal Irradiation system

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‘Variable Upper Room Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation system (Variable UR UVGI)’ is the innovated form of conventional UR UVGI system. This conventional system was recently launched to global market under Signify(Philips Lighting) which see growth potential of Upper Room UVGI system among UV disinfection market.

Comparing with the conventional UR UVGI system, recommended as a supplement to help inactivate COVID-19 by CDC and included into the integrated package of infection prevention and control by WHO, the followings are the main superior features of our Variable UR UVGI equipment.

1. Preventing contact infection transmission
Unlike conventional UR UVGI limited to prevent airborne transmission by irradiating UVC to upper portion of living space, the proposed product has an additional function of optionally irradiating whole living space under unoccupied condition so that it can also disinfect the surface of contact transmission route.
2. Increase of disinfection efficiency
Not together with mechanical air circulation like ceiling fan, conventional UR UVGI relying on natural convection can’t remove 25~30% of pathogens because pockets of air never rose into the path of the ultraviolet rays. Therefore, the proposed product is equipped with air movement fan which induces the lower indoor air to flow into UV irradiation layer.
3. Ease of use
Above no.1 function is operated with safety measures such as warning signal, delayed start and motion detector. And it is operated manually by the remote controller or automatically during set time period, then backed to the default function, upper room UV irradiation mode.

Fundamentally our variable UR UVGI equipment prevents airborne transmission under occupied normal living environment and lowers the risk of contact transmission under unoccupied condition as well. Therefore, the demand from various facilities is highly expected as a general infection control equipment which can deal with 2 main infection routes in the with-corona era.
The details can be checked with the attachment.

The demonstration can be checked through the video linked below.

Currently, variable UR UVGI equipment is at the stage of mass production. But, we are placed in difficult situation for production and territorial cultivation because of insufficient fund.
Therefore, we decided to sell our developed product with the patents (registered in Korea and applied PCT).
The contents is every materials developed and purchased just before the stage of mass production.
For example,
- 2 sample products for promotion and demonstration
- Hardware (Product design, PCB) and software (Firmware)
- Documentation for acquiring relevant certification (Bill of materials, specification of every components, etc); required to be revised for each local market
- Some raw materials and accessories.

Financial information

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