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XPAND-A-POTTY transcends above all other infant potties

[Category : - HEALTH- Bathroom- Baby products]
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A collapsible portable toilet having an expanded and a compressed state. The toilet has a seat and a base. The seat is connected to a top of a collapsible assembly and the base is connected to the bottom of the collapsible assembly. In the expanded position there is a plurality of segments extend toward the ground or supporting surface. The stop arm is insertable into the collapsible assembly to secure the toilet in an expanded state. The toilet utilizes a disposable inner bag for use in the interior of the toilet. The toilet is fittable within a carrying bag when in a compressed state. There are 6 different colorful, friendly and appealing animal themed potties with only a 12" high seat off the ground (panda,monkey,frog,blue whale orange tiger and purple panther. These potties with "personality" become the child's friend rather than a cold porceline inattimate object and intimidatingly high adult toilet. The design addresses the premise of 4 essential features necessary in providing successful toilet training: Familiarity Appeal Comfort and Sense of Security in both home and non home settings such as day cares relative homes, hotels, shopping malls, road travels to name a few. For the parent or custodian are benefits such as easy assembly function compact and light transport.,as well as alleviating the awkword situation of having their infant sit on unsanitary public toilets. From a cost standpoint purchasing an XPAND-A-POTTY for use at home and at non home settings costs less to that of the traditional at home only generic child potty and cost of a seat insert at non home settings. A nationwide consumer survey was conducted with results of those that have a current at home child potty or considering purchasing a potty for the first time. Over 80% of those consumers would definately or most likely purchase the XPAND-A-POTTY and replace their current competitor potties as well as those purchasing for the first time would definately or most likely purchase the XPAND-A-POTTY. This scenario could thus provide a monopoly in the juvenile marketplace of this "necessity" child product. Financial forecast potential of annual revenue sales is $12 million via one single production line.