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Wind Boat and Land Yacht

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Wind Boat and Land Yacht.
The boat or land yacht can go downwind faster than wind.
It has a wind powered electric generator(WEG).
This generator gives power to the electric motor.
The motor propels the boat by water propeller, water jet or by other propelling device.
On the land yacht, a motor rotates the wheels.
WEG moves back and forward on the surface of the vehicle.
Then it moves against the wind it produces electric power.
Then it reaches the end of the vehicle, it returns to the head of the vehicle and start moves back again.
It can be two WEGs on the vehicle.
For example:
On catamaran can be two WEGs. They will move oppositely.
Then one WEG moves against the wind, another one moves to the front of the boat.And vice versa.
So, it always will at least one WEG supplying the motor with electric power at any given moment.
On the Land Yacht, the two WEGs works in the same way.

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