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Cylindrical artillery shell and bullet

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(2)All over the world use classic pointed projectiles and bullets, which have many disadvantages and I will try to prove the advantage of a cylindrical bullet with an internal cone and sharp edges in the head, which is better than a conventional bullet, in many ways, and with the same powder charge, will be more powerful and can be used in conventional shooting, sniper and artillery weapons. In a gun barrel, an ordinary bullet experiences more resistance and friction than a cylindrical one, since it presses air between the inner surface of the gun barrel and the conical part of the bullet while additionally heating the barrel. For example, if sand gets into a gun barrel and you try to push a pointed bullet through, it will get stuck. A cylindrical bullet will push out all the sand, like a piston, also in a dense rubber or a piece of leather, you can only punch a hole with a cylindrical punch, it is impossible to use a pointed one. This example proves that a cylindrical bullet is more traumatic than a pointed one. A cylindrical bullet can be made with a through hole, there are two ways to open the hole after leaving the barrel. I have enough examples to prove the advantage of the cylindrical shape of the bullet. A cylindrical bullet can be fired with equal success both under water and in the air. In Russia, there are automatic weapons that shoot in both environments, but use different bullets for this purpose, a cylindrical bullet does not have this disadvantage, it can be fired in both environments, air and under water. The bullet will fly out of the barrel faster, the gun barrel will be less heated, in flight it is more stable than a conventional bullet, since the conical one must be spun in the barrel, because of its shape, the classic bullet is difficult to balance. A cylindrical bullet can be fired from a rifled barrel and smoothbore weapon. The cylindrical bullet, in the head part, has an internal cone and sharp edges, which allows you to successfully break through various obstacles, concrete and armored. This bullet is applicable for conventional small arms and for sniper weapons. Armor-piercing projectile made cylindrical, allows you to use cumulative and explosive charges, much more effective than in conventional, conical. When fired at an armored, inclined, or spherical barrier, a cylindrical artillery shell will not bounce like a classic cone-shaped one. To use a cylindrical artillery shell and bullet, it is not necessary to alter weapons, small arms and artillery, for it. I suggest making an artillery shell or bullet, with longitudinal grooves along the body of the bullet, to concentrate the powder gases that hold it in the center of the barrel, not allowing it to touch its walls, thereby reducing friction. To do this, you need to change the sleeve to fit the profile of the projectile or bullet. The projectile is used in smoothbore weapons,
for rifled weapons, it is necessary to mill the grooves with a step equal to the step of cutting the barrel.
See attached files with descriptions of cylindrical bullets and projectiles.

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