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[Category : - HEALTH]
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The present invention relates to a system and a method for the acquisition, transfer and remote monitoring of data, in particular of data relating to activities associated with clinical studies.

The traditional data verification process (SDV) - source data verification - presents a series of structural criticalities that also impact financially and precisely:
- frequent trips with associated costs and consumption of useful time;
- high "work stress" which causes a high and continuous turnover of CRAs (inefficiencies, limited interaction with other actors involved, etc.);
- inflexible monitoring visits due to regulations, monitoring plans and often stringent deadlines;

The general purpose of the present invention is to provide a system and a method for the acquisition, transfer and remote monitoring of data relating to clinical studies, which overcomes the drawbacks described above and allows an extremely simple acquisition of clinical data, as well as the subsequent transmission and monitoring. remote, ensuring at the same time that the system complies with current regulations, with the utmost protection of data confidentiality.

Financial information

I am available both to discuss the sale of the patent or for its use through royalties
This invention has not yet been found or even commercialized
The patent impacts the "Clinical Trials" and affects both pharmaceutical companies and biomedical companies
Associated with this patent exists a priority patent which will be for sale or use.

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