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Opening detector of CT current transformers

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Opening the secondary circuits of current transformers (CTs) on load generates a dangerous overvoltage for the operators and for the low-voltage equipment connected to them, and presents an imminent risk of the CT exploding if it is not switched off. The module detects this opening and sends a logic or analog signal to identify the phenomenon and initiate the trip of the High Voltage circuit breaker. Principle: a vector sum of the two currents (measurement and protection) coming from the same phase is performed by the CT torus TA (2): the result is zero as long as there is no opening of one of the two currents ( figure 1). In the event of a failure of one of the two circuits, the module delivers a current Id at the output of the toroid; this current is used by the application as the opening criterion of the CT. Built on the same principle, the module is three-phase and comes in several application variants.

Financial information

This detector can be produced according to 2 options:
1- 1 stand-alone module in one product
2- 1 Current signal sensor module + an classical digital relay
Sale: $ 50,000

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